Always striving to “grow in wisdom, stature, with God and mankind.” Saint Luke 2:52I am a most passionate person in the areas of keeping a healthy balance of life related to St. Luke 2:52: growing in wisdom, stature and favor with God and mankind! I love staying in touch with current events, healthy eating and exercise, my DEVOS with God and socializing with friends. I am a diverse, multi-faceted individual, who has many on-going friendships and ministry activities. I am also a fairly disciplined person with high standards and I can be quite particular. People think that I have “it all together,” but I am still a person with feelings, goals, shortcomings, joys and disappointments just like everyone else. I usually spend leisure in sports activities: Swim training once a week at the Bozeman Swim Center; hiking/backpacking/canoeing in Yellowstone National Park, skiing/snowboarding at home in Big Sky,MT, as well as nordic skate skiing at Lone Mountain Ranch; weight training at Big Sky Fire Department and now (as of 2009) running half/full marathons! Excited to update that I’ve completed on 7.13.14 my first Half Ironman Triathlon at Vineman 70.3 and working toward my first Full Ironman Triathlon at Ironman Lake Tahoe 140.6 on Sept. 21, 2014.

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