Wintry Lone Mountain Trail road into Big Sky's Meadow Village resort community.

Wintry Lone Mountain Trail road into Big Sky’s Meadow Village resort community.


Summary of Ministry

1.    Describe this month’s Sending Churches activities.

FEBRUARY 2012-  The beginning of a “new” era of ministry has me facing more responsibilities and opportunities than I’ve ever had in my entire life.  There are times when I look back on my Missoula/Western Montana experience and wish that I had that same schedule!  Not only am I pursuing Resort Ministry and Collegiate Ministry, but also raising my support to be able to survive financially!  I have also taken a seasonal paid job at Big Sky Fire Department to help cover some of my expenses.  Balancing everything on my plate has been exciting, but also a challenge! ‘Sending Churches’ action steps: Prayer, I have been praying for other MSC missionaries that I met during training in Denver.  I get some of the newsletters.  I have been very consistent in prayer this month.  Stories, the stories of reconnecting with my Big Sky community have been endless.  Initially, I came across many job offers that would have meant a change in careers.  All of these would not have allowed me time to serve as Chaplain.  I have already counseled and conducted marriage ceremonies and many others are scheduled as I am now an officiate on the Chambers website.  I am also conducting my first memorial service since returning on Feb. 26thExperiences, I was able to experience the MTSBC Collegiate “Winter Blast” retreat at Fairmont Hot Springs on Feb. 10-12.  It was an amazing event filled with lots of youthful energy and excitement for worship.  The networking with students, campus ministers and campus church planter pastors was invaluable.  I think I relate well with this ministry and look forward to more challenges towards promoting our Summer/Innovator Missionary pursuits.  All major Montana colleges were represented except for Missoula, which was surprising.  My guess for attendance was approx. 125 with the biggest group coming from Billings area.

2.    Describe your plans for next month’s Sending Churches activities.

 For MARCH, Continue working towards the launching of the prayer & fund-raising for my missionary position as a MSC Missionary.  Secure Bozeman location for Summer/Innovator Missionary orientation (June 5-8th), Discuss logistics of orientation with Jessica Crusch, and secure speakers for orientation.  Attend M-Pact Montana and continue to educate pastors and other ministers as to collegiate Missions opportunities and awareness.

3.    List this month’s non-Sending Churches activities.

    At this “new” stage of MSC Missionary endeavors, I will not consider that anything I do is a non-Sending Church activity as it’s all in relation to ushering God’s people into heaven.  I will say that I am diligently working with my local church as an Elder of Communication & website.  This has also added to my work level, but I am almost done working with a local web designer in the completion of Big Sky Christian Fellowship’s first official website!

4.    Are you facing any issues which you would like to discuss?

Time Management and finding time for myself.

5.          Share your Most Significant Accomplishment this month.  I would say my most significant accomplishment has been the resurgence of the outdoor worship services on the ski slopes at Big Sky Resort and now the neighboring resort of Moonlight Ski Basin would also like to build a logwood cross and put on their trail map as well.  We have a great start to the ‘Big Sky Chaplains Association’ with 6 Chaplains including myself.  I also had a chance to connect and network with our campus ministry college students at the Winter Blast.  They truly keep me young!

6.    Share your Personal / Ministry related concerns.

Pray for my unsaved friends and those with whom I network on a weekly basis.  Pray for SBC, NAMB, MTSBC.  Pray for my having to transition from Career Missionary to MSC (self-funded) Missionary.

7.    What are your plans to take care of your Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Professional and Family needs next month  I am continuing to actively mentor young adults that are locally in Big Sky and from a distance in Belgrade, Manhattan and Missoula.  God is good!  I am dependent on a regular exercise routine, not only for the physical benefits, but for my emotional well-being.  My Prayer life remains consistent, but I would like to start journaling again.  Also, I am now 6 months – Free of no TV reception and so far, so good!!