Vacation Bible School at Big Sky Chapel - Summer 2012

Vacation Bible School at Big Sky Chapel – Summer 2012



Wedding in Big Sky - Summer 2012

Wedding in Big Sky – Summer 2012

Summary of Ministry

1.    What accomplishments in your ministry can we celebrate this month?

JULY 2012- Continued to communicate with Summer Missionaries through the social network Facebook group site: Montana Summer Missions 2012.  Was busy with conducting 5 different weddings in this month.  Counseled with young adults in my community.  Conducted a memorial service for a long-standing resident.  Supported and attended local community ministries of Vacation Bible School and my local Christian churches.  Communicated with MTSBC pastors regarding submission of application for Summer Missionaries for Summer of 2013.

 2.  What are your ministry plans for next month?

 For AUGUST, I will be following-up with Summer/Sojourner missionaries and supervisors to find out if there are any needs or concerns.   Conducting the Summer Missionary Debriefing on Aug. 7-9th.  Will be working on promotion and development of MTSBC requests for Summer Missions 2013 to submit for Fall 2012 promotion.   Will be counseling w/couples and officiating two weddings in August.  Several endeavors regarding my local community, ministry non-profit & MSC pursuits and local church.

  3.  What is working well?

    The social networking sharing  (Facebook Group – MTSBC Summer Missions 2012) of ministry endeavors and experiences of the Sojourner & Summer Missionaries that are serving in Montana.  Being able to share my faith and my journey with God more often through my community connections!

  4. What is missing or needs improvement?

Nothing new this month.

 5. What are your plans to take care of your Spiritual, Physical and Family needs next month?

Continue with daily devotional time and my prayer time.   Would like to carve out time to do more “leisure reading” of recommended books on my list of books.  I continue to run consistently and have done more “open water” swimming in lakes during these warm summer days.


6. Any other matters of interest?

None at this time.

 7. How can we pray for you?

Pray for my unsaved friends and those with whom I am in contact on a weekly basis.  Pray for the health of my parents in Lake Charles, LA.   Pray for the continued ministries of the Sojourners, Innovator and Summer missionaries that have served in Montana this summer from June 4th – August 9th.  Pray for the stamina that I need to balance everything that’s on my plate for ministry resources, evangelism, coordinating of the Summer Missionaries and the mentoring relationships that God has placed in my life.   Continued prayer for my financial resources to continue ministry as a MSC (self-funded) Missionary.