IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL MOTHERS DONATED BY Barbara & Phil Hoberecht  and Evelyn Warner Sumner Carved by Victor Liebetseder - Lienz,  Austria On Display at Big Sky Chapel - Big Sky, Montana

IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL MOTHERS DONATED BY Barbara & Phil Hoberecht and Evelyn Warner Sumner
Carved by Victor Liebetseder – Lienz, Austria
On Display at Big Sky Chapel – Big Sky, Montana


Summary of Ministry

1.    What accomplishments in your ministry can we celebrate this month?

MARCH 2012- The beginning of a “new” era of ministry has me facing more responsibilities and opportunities than I’ve ever had in my entire experience as a Missionary!   I am pursuing Resort Ministry and Collegiate Ministry, but also raising my support to be able to survive financially!  I am also working at seasonal paid job at Big Sky Fire Department (Dec-April) to help cover some of my expenses while working on acquiring support partners.  This month, I was able to attend M-Pact conference and made some strides on networking, communicating with those involved in Summer Missions supervision, especially Alesia Fowler, Mark & Sacha Hasenyager, and Kelly & Erika Mitchell.  Communicated with and helped Pastors Jeff Ullrey and Jordan Hall in submitting student requests for 2012.  Also communicated with Pastors Jeff Cahill, Mark Arbaugh, Joe Todd, Greg Shawgo.  Also working with Becky Rosty, BCM director at Casper College – Sheridan, WY to fill MTSBC Summer Missionary positions.  I also had my adoptive nephew, Anders Romero (9) to pray and receive Christ, did follow-up reading and baptized him on 28th.  Have been averaging 30 attendees at outdoor worship throughout March!  Attended MTSBC Student Missions meeting in Bozeman, April 1st with Sending Churches team leader, Stan & Diane Bricker and Joe Todd, Mark Arbaugh, Ed & Brenda Geiger and Pastor Benny McCracken.

 2.  What are your ministry plans for next month?

 For APRIL, I am completing an excellent winter season with the annual Easter Sunrise worship, April 8th at the top of a mountain chairlift at Big Sky Resort.  I am also speaking at an “On Mission Conference” in Ashville, AL area (April 28-May 3rd), along with a WMU headquarters visit/luncheon.  Continue working towards the launching of the prayer & fund-raising partners for my missionary position as a MSC Missionary.   Work on plans and logistics for Summer Missionary orientation – June 4-6.

  3.  What is working well?

    Keeping lines of communication and networking with those who will be serving alongside of collegiate summer missionaries in Montana.  Being able to share my faith and my journey with God more often in the position that I am with the Fire Department and community involvement.  It’s all in relation to ushering God’s people into heaven.  I am diligently working with my local church and networking with various local agencies.  

  4. What is missing or needs improvement?

Just more improvement on communicating with pastors and laity of all the changes and opportunities for effectiveness of utilizing student missionaries and charging church members to be outward thinking.  Putting together an executed plan to add Student Missions Page on the MTSBC website.


5. What are your plans to take care of your Spiritual, Physical and Family needs next month?

I am continuing to actively mentor young adults that are locally in Big Sky and from a distance in Belgrade, Manhattan and Missoula.  God is good!  I am needing to get back into a running routine and have asked a co-worker to train with me for the Bozeman Marathon in September.  My Prayer life remains consistent.  Also, I am now 8 months – Free of no TV reception!!


6. Any other matters of interest?

That God would help me in discernment of the pursuit of resources that I need to continue the ministry and calling on my life.


  7. How can we pray for you?

Pray for my unsaved friends and those with whom I network on a weekly basis.  Pray for the stamina that I need to balance everything that’s on my plate for ministry resources, evangelism, supervising of the Summer Missionaries and the mentoring relationships that God has placed in my life.   Continued prayer for my having to transition from Career Missionary to MSC (self-funded) Missionary.