Welcome to the informational website of Big Sky Resort Ministries!  This is a Christian ministry located in Big Sky, Montana that was created by  God and Resort Chaplain/Missionary, Brad Lartigue.  Since 1990, Brad has been serving as a salaried Resort Missionary with the North American Mission Board and Montana SBC.  After 21 years of effective service, the NAMB and MTSBC have decided to take a “new direction” and focused efforts in the area of “Church planting” missionaries.  As a result, the position of Resort Missionary is no longer being funded by a salary, but God has continued to open the doors and efforts for evangelism efforts in outdoor recreation, servant evangelism and special events to continue in Montana!

In this transition time, I have been supported and approved as a Mission Service Corps (MSC) Missionary with NAMB and MTSBC and will continue to serve as an “Annie Armstrong” Missionary at our Mission Conferences.  As well, I will also recruit & coordinate collegiate ministries with our MTSBC churches & ministries in a non-salaried position, so, your support is very much appreciated through the MSC Donation site at the North American Mission Board.  

Please prayerfully consider how you, your family, your church, organization, or ministry would partner with Resort Missionary, Brad Lartigue to continue his calling to serve as a missionary in Montana and Yellowstone National Park area.

 Jesus Christ gave us the foundation, basis and model of Resort & Leisure Missions, to minister to the people where they are in our communities.  Going out and taking the Gospel of Love & Salvation to people, outside the walls of our churches, whether at the seaside, market places, theme parks, mountain resorts, national & city parks, etc. and going into our churches for nurturing and worshipping GOD.  We may put a label on this ministry, but bottom-line, it’s the Great Commission that Christ left for us to carry on from His own example.

 In the context of Luke 2:52, we should also strive to grow in Wisdom: to be wise regarding the world that we live.  To read the “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” (Bible) book, before we die.  To also be attuned to world/social issues around us.  To grow in Stature: by being physically fit in making wise choices of what we eat and how we discipline/exercise our body.  To grow in favor with God: by loving our creator and having a relationship with Him and sharing that love with others.  And to grow closer to Mankind by making a difference in your community through meeting spiritual, physical and emotional needs of friends and neighbors; and presenting Christianity in a loving way.

As one of the pieces of the “puzzle,” Big Sky Resort Ministries is seeking your support continue being an effective part of God’s Great Commission.  It’s going to take your Prayer support, Financial Support and willingness to possibly come a Serve alongside!  It takes prayer, people willing to step out, courage, thought, and enthusiasm, but we can go to the ends of the earth, as Jesus commanded us.  Let’s pray our  people and its churches will reach out intentionally and be an incarnation of Christ: “To Live like Missionaries” as God gives us the passion for the recreational activities; and servant evangelism that gets us out of our church pew and into Montana’s great big adventurous landscapes! 

in God’s service,